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Rachel + Jeff (Cinematic)

Rachel + Jeff (Cinematic)

The word I choose to describe your wedding is abundance. Abundance of love, beauty and faithfulness. The love you two shared through all the years getting to know one another. The beauty that is the culmination of your love on your wedding day. And the faithfulness you expressed by committing your marriage to Jesus Christ. I was blessed to be there every step of your wedding day to witness the words exchanged by two people madly in love. I hope your love continues to grow in Christ as you strive to love one another everyday.

Venue: Rancho Capistrano

Photographer: Whitney Darling Photography

Coordinator: Julie Burke

Floral & Event Design: Cindy Mayo

DJ: 1024 Productions

Hair & Makeup: Designed Elegance

Alyssa + Andrew (Cinematic)

Wow you are married at last! I'm so excited for you two. Filming you wedding was such a blast. You can't pick a more beautiful location than the one and only Rancho Capistrano. I hope your wedding was everything you dreamed of and more. It was pretty unique and special, I mean who gets to be prayed over by such a large group of pastors? And Andrew, nice touch with the rowboat... classy. I can't wait to hear all the amazing stories that will come from the life God has set before you. Talk to you soon!