• Why invest in a wedding film?

    The simple reason is because photos don’t tell the full story. Photography is beautiful and an absolute must, but a video provides a more complete picture. With film, I am able to capture the sights, sounds and emotions of your special day in an unparalleled way. On that wonderful day when your loving guests travel from all over to join you in celebration; a culmination of your love and commitment to one another. Imagine being able to relive the passion and conviction between you and your loved one as you speak your carefully crafted vows to one another. I can always tell when a wedding film is truly special because I become emotional myself, and if I’m becoming emotional watching someone else’s wedding, how much more precious and powerful will it be for you?

  • What makes you different from other videographers?

    Let’s be honest, there are a lot of great videographers out there. They make amazing wedding films, have great gear, and tell amazing stories. The differences are subtle, but important. I am passionate about weddings, and my sole desire is for you to have a precious keepsake of your wedding day that you will want to watch over and over again. For that reason, I don’t feel the need to throw myself into the mix. I don’t put my logo at the beginning of your videos. I’m not out to self promote. The reason I do what I do is two-fold. First, I simply love to tell an amazing and beautiful story; I love the amazing feeling I get when an incredible wedding comes together. Second, I love the joy my couples and their families experience when they are able to watch the film for the first time. It simply can’t be beat!

  • What kind of videos do you offer?

    We definitely have a preference when it comes to telling your wedding story. I believe every wedding is unique in it’s own way, so why cut them all the same? To fully tell your story, our Cinematic Films generally last between 15 & 20 minutes. That may sound long, but it will absolutely keep you engaged the entire time. Give it a try! If you’d prefer a shorter highlight film of your wedding day, we also have 4-6 minute films.

  • Do you travel for weddings? Charge for travel?

    We definitely travel for weddings. In fact, it’s what we live for! It doesn’t matter if it’s a short flight away or on the other side of the globe; we’re always up for new adventures. The destination weddings do vary on pricing depending on the distance. We begin charging for any distance over 80 miles from our location in Orange County.

  • Can we have our raw footage?

    Absolutely, and it is highly encouraged! Carver Weddings holds onto all of your footage for at least one year, but we believe you should hold onto it for life. It’s your wedding, so we believe that you should have it all in its highest quality format: The Raw footage, the various audio sources, and even the project file are yours to have and keep.

  • What kind of cameras do you use?

    Carver Weddings shoots on high quality HD Cinematic Cameras with top of the line prime and zoom lenses for unparalleled quality.

  • How do you capture audio?

    We don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to audio. With any event there are a lot of things that can go wrong, but we minimize problems by making sure we have every possible scenario covered. For the ceremony, we “mic” both the groom and the officiant with wired “lavs” that are small and discreet. The “lavs” also have the added benefit of not conflicting with the DJ’s wireless mics. Sound is also recorded from the audio board for full coverage. No matter if it’s a windy day, or the venue is having audio complications, we’ll have fully covered audio for whatever transpires.

  • Do you film both bride and groom preps?

    Yes! I always work hard towards capturing both bride and groom preps, but on occasion having one shooter isn’t sufficient to be two places at once. It is however virtually guaranteed with any two-shooter package.

  • How do I book? Payment?

    Booking is easy! Once you have looked over our Wedding Catalogue and decided on your package, we can move forward with securing your wedding day. We only require a 25% deposit, rather than the 50% that most videographers require. We feel that the lower number is plenty in order to hold the wedding date.

  • Turnaround time?

    I am always going to try to amaze you with how fast you receive your wedding film, but I’m certainly not going to rush it. Editing a wedding film takes quite a bit more time than editing photos, and will generally be delivered within 1-3 months of your wedding date. The time difference fluctuates most notably by the business of wedding season.

  • Do you provide photography in addition to video?

    Yes! But not in the traditional way. I believe when studios try to be a one stop shop, the quality suffers. But at Carver Weddings, we partner with amazing Photographers in Southern California to bundle our services for you. This gives you the best of both worlds. Vendors that mesh well and do amazing work, and convenience.

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