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Julia + Matt (Cinematic)

Julia + Matt (Cinematic)

I was blown away by the sincerity and conviction of your relationship. The way you two stuck together through all of life's challenges and hardships. It is a testament to how amazing your new marriage will be. Your story doesn't start or end with your wedding day, but that didn't take away from how fun and meaningful your celebration was. I pray that you continue to cherish each other and your marriage through all of life's adventures. 

Coordinator: Tricia Dahlgren Events

Venue: Apple Creek Ranch

Photographer: Maya Myers Photography

Catering: DJ's Catering

DJ/MC: Who's That DJ?

Florist: MJ Florals

Photobooth: SB PhotoBooths

Bakery: Solvang Bakery

Make-up: Jessica Scharf

Hair: Angelene Hibarg - 805-796-7445

Transportation: Silk Road Transportation

Hayley + Jake (Cinematic)

Hayley + Jake (Cinematic)

You two have a lot of heart. And it was plain to see how much love and careful planning went into making this day as special as it was. There is something to be said for the anticipation of a wedding union. The longing to be committed to one another for life, and embrace one another through all the ups and downs. The sacrifices you two have made for one another allowed your wedding day to be that much more of an "up." Having it at the stunning Bates Ranch with all of your cherished family and friends helped a little too! I pray that you continue to keep that passion for each other alive as you one day become "that old couple."

Coordinator: Amy Fels

Photographer: Aga Jones Photography

Catering: Lorraine Lim Catering

DJ/MC: Ethan Stone

Florist: Rowan Oak Events

Hair: Hailey Bakich

Make-Up: Dru O'Brien

Rentals: Ventura Rentals & Town and Country

Linens: La Tavola

Brandon + Claire (Cinematic)

Brandon + Claire (Cinematic)

Santa Barbara looked absolutely beautiful. There is nothing quite like a rooftop wedding, and you guys sure know how to draw a crowd! It was special to see how you honored your families by passing out flowers during the wedding. All the best.